Related Projects


Many of the artifacts for the Communication Model Language (CMlL) and Communication virtual Machine (CVM) were initially developed by graduate and undergraduate students in the CEN 5064 Software Design (graduate), CEN 5011 Software Engineering (graduate), CEN 4021 (undergraduate) and CIS 4911 Senior Project  (undergraduate) classes.  Some of the artifacts developed in these classes can be viewed via the following links.

Spring 2007: CEN 5064 Class Project - Rapid Realization for Communication Services System Fall 2007: CEN 5011 Class Project - User-Centric Communication Middleware
Fall 2008: CEN 5011 Class Project - CVM GUI
 Fall 2008: CEN 5011 Class Project - CML Model EditorFall 2010: CIS4911 Senior Project - CVM Mediator (for healthcare databases)Fall 2010: CEN5064 Class Project - CVM Mobile

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