Modeling and Realizing User-Centric Communication Services

Overview DSM Workshop - The three DSML models for the following healthcare scenario are shown below the video clips.

CVM Demos
  1. Healthcare Scenario used to illustrate how WF-CML may be used to model the communication used in the patient discharge process.

    Actors in the scenario: A discharge physician (DP), a senior clinician (SC), a primary care physician (PCP), a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and the Attending Physician (AP). 

    Patient Discharge Scenario: (1) On the day of discharge, Dr. Burke (DP) establishes an audio communication with Dr. Monteiro (SC) to discuss the discharge of baby Jane. During the conversation, Dr. Burke composes a discharge package, DisPkg_1, referred to as a form, and sends it to Dr. Monteiro to be validated. The DisPkg_1 form consists of a RecSum-Jane.txt (text file), summary of patient's condition; x-Ray of the patient's heart, xRay-Jane.jpg (non-streamfile); and a HeartEcho-Jane.mpg (video clip), an echocardiogram (echo) of the patient's heart.  After DisPkg_1 is sent, Dr. Burke contacts Dr. Sanchez (PCP) to join the conversation with Dr. Monteiro to discuss the patient's condition.  During the conversation, Dr. Monteiro validates DisPkg_1 and sends it to Dr. Burke. (2) Since the form DisPkg_1 is received within 24 hours and is validated, Dr. Burke then sends it to Nurse Smith (NP) and Dr. Wang (AP)

    (If the form had not been validated and received within 24 hours, the workflow requires that Dr. Burke send out an interim discharge note (InterimNote 1)). At the same time Dr. Burke continues his conference with Drs. Monteiro and Sanchez.

Video clip of modeling and realizing WF-CML model (shortened version no sound)

Video clip on modeling the scenario using WF-CML (longer version with sound)

Video clip on realizing the WF-CML model using the CVM (longer version with sound)

Models of the scenario using three DSMLs

  1. Workflow Communication Modeling Language (WF-CML)

  2. Yet Another Workflow Language (YAWL)

  3. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

  1. The CVM allows you to start with a phone call, be able to effortlessly evolve into a conference call, to a multimedia conference, and seamlessly exchange structured information from different communication channels.  The following healthcare demo shows physicians discussing a patient case and exchanging structured information.

       CVM Demo (video clip of two users interacting using the CVM)

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